Attention: Brand New a la carte pricing is available immediately! This is the 1st time we've ever offered per hour pricing!


4 Hours and 50 photo MINIMUM is required for any wedding using this pricing structure. (This is $1250 starting point for wedding pricing.)

Step 1: Pick your time amount:  $250 per hour with 1 photographer or $300 per hour with 2 photographers.

Step 2: Pick the amount of photos for your CD: Photos are available in increments of 25, at a rate of $5 per photo(Ex. 50 photos @ $5 per photo = $250, 100 photos @ $5 per photo = $500, etc, 125 photos @ $5 per photo = $625, etc.)

Step 3: Call Mike @ 269.830.1572 or via email: [email protected] with questions, to set up a consultation, or to book your date & time on our calendar.

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